Waffle Ceilings

If you want to add more sophistication and elegance to your home, a waffle ceiling is a great way to update your home. Waffle ceilings get their name because, when finished, the applications form a waffle pattern. Waffle ceilings are not for every home. Small rooms can feel even smaller and almost claustrophobic with waffled ceiling. This type of addition is best suited for bigger rooms with ceilings that are nine feet or higher. Waffle ceilings are a great addition that, once installed, will give your plain, flat ceiling a more textured look while creating an illusion of more space.

amazing dining room with baseboard trim and waffle ceiling

There are many benefits to installing a waffle ceiling in your home including:

  • Quick installation with minimal mess
  • Give your home a more contemporary and luxurious look
  • Covers damage and imperfections in the ceiling
  • Increases the resale value
  • Can be custom made to fit your room size

What is Waffle Ceiling Made Of?

custom family room with high gloss floor and waffle ceiling installation

Waffle ceiling panels are made of a variety of materials including different types of wood including red oak, cherry, and mahogany, plaster, medium density foam and fibreboard, and plastic.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Waffle Ceiling?

On average, a waffle ceiling takes only one to three days to install. However, because it is a more complex renovation, only a trained professional should install the waffled ceiling in your home.

Choosing the Right Waffle Ceiling

amazing classic living room with coffered ceiling installation

Waffle ceilings can be designed in oval, triangle, square, rectangular, diamond, or octagon shapes. The shape and size of your waffle ceiling pattern is formed in part by how the beams are installed. Personal preference and the size of the ceiling also determine the size and shape of your waffle pattern. At Domot Reno Group, we have the knowledge and skills to help you choose the right waffle ceiling to compliment your room.

Cost of Installing a Waffle Ceiling

Cost of Installing a Waffle Ceiling by domot reno group

Installing a waffled ceiling costs approximately $25 per square foot. The less expensive waffle motifs cost between $3 to $20 per square foot while the more expensive wood motifs range in price between $6 to $34 per square feet.

Hire Waffle Ceiling Experts

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At Domot Reno Group, we are experts in waffle ceiling installation. We have extensive experience installing all types and sizes of waffle ceiling structures. We can help you find the perfect look and style to suit your home. Within a few days, we will update your home to give it a more modern, elegant look.

At Domot Reno Group, we offer:

Competitive Pricing

Superior Craftsmanship

Insured and Bonded Work

Warrantied Services

Free Estimates

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If you are considering upgrading your home by installing a waffle ceiling, contact us. We will answer all your questions and help you choose the best waffle ceiling for your home. We guarantee our work. Within a short time, we will transform your room into a beautifully sophisticated, contemporary space with our waffle ceiling installation services.