Baseboards are a cosmetic feature of your room that connects the floor to the wall. When added to the base of your walls, baseboards give your room a finished, clean, and aesthetically appealing look. But just as important as they are in adding contemporary beauty to the room, baseboards are highly functional Baseboards:

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  • Protect the drywall from moisture and water damage
  • Regulate the room’s temperature by preventing air leaks
  • Cover gaps between the drywall and flooring
  • Stop dirt and debris from getting under the drywall in hard-to-reach areas
  • Protect the bottom of the walls from bumps, scuffs, and other physical damage

Baseboards are very versatile. They come in a variety of styles and widths. They can be cut to fit any walls size. Baseboards are paintable. While most baseboards are white, their colour can be changed to match your room’s décor.

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While some experts recommend the 1:12 ratio for choosing baseboards, selecting the size and style ultimately depends on what you want in your home. The 1:12 rule means for every 12 inches of ceiling height you have 1 inch baseboard height.

Baseboards are relatively easy to install, however, if not done properly, poorly attached baseboards will take away from the overall look of your room. That is why it is important to hire a professional when it comes to baseboards installation.

Cost of Baseboards

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Baseboards are made of wood or fibreboard. Depending on the size and style, fibreboard baseboards start as low as $0.60 per foot while wood baseboards start as low as $0.80 per foot.

Cost of Install Baseboards

Baseboards range in price between $2 to $6 per linear square foot. The difference in price depends greatly on the width, style, and type of baseboard. Most baseboard renovation jobs cost $350 to $575 to install.

Caulking Baseboards

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If you already installed your baseboards, and now need professional to caulk it, Domot Reno Group is here for you. After applying baseboards to your wall, you should caulk the boards at the floor and wall. Caulking the baseboards after you install them will:

  • Fill in an gaps between the wall and board, or floor and board
  • Create a seamless, smooth, and cosmetically more attractive look
  • Stop air from leaking through the wall and floor joint

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