Basement Finishing

Your basement is extra space that, when finished, not only increases the size of your house but also increases the value to your home. A well designed layout will increase the over all size of your home by maximizing the use of all the available space in your house. Finishing your basement allows you to add extra rooms and amenities that are not part of the main floor plan. Common basement finishing renovations include installing:

Extra Bathroom


Another Bedroom

custom basement bedroom with baseboard trim - basement finishing


amazing basement home office - home renovations toronto

Home GYM

basement custom gym by domot reno group - home renovation company


basement idea - custom sauna in amazing basement

Entertainment/Rec Room

amazing basement home theater - basement design

Play Room

basement design- custom play room in the basement

Work Room

custom work room in the basement - basement design

Granny or In-Law Suite

basement renovations toronto

Upgraded Laundry Room

custom storage space with washer and dryer - renovation services

Wine Cellar

custom basement wine cellar - basement design

A Bar

custom family room with bar and pool table - home renovations

When planning your basement finishing renovations, it is a good idea to plan the layout of your area before starting any work. A professional contractor can help you design your basement floor plans so you don’t run into any issues when finishing your basement. At Domot Reno Group, we can help you with all your basement finishing renovations so you will get the most out of your basement remodelling within your budget.

Before starting your basement finishing we will inspect your basement with you to make sure there are no issues. Any cracks in the foundation or water leaks can create serious problems if they are not spotted before renovating your area.

Cost to Finish A Basement

home renovation cost

The total cost to finish a basement depends on the size of the basement, number and types of rooms being added, and extent of electrical and plumbing work that needs to be done. On average, most basement finishing projects cost approximately from $30,000. Domot Reno Group will be happy to provide you an honest and detailed quote based on amount of work required specifically for your space.

basement framing

Framing Your Basement

If you need just simply frame your basement, keep in mind that the average cost to frame a basement is $2.70 per square foot. This does not include the insulation, packing, drywall, electrical wiring, plumbing, or paint.

basement isolation

Insulating Your Basement

Insulating basement is a great idea, as it will help you to reduce heating bills, as well as significantly increase the value of your property. Depending on your basement size, types and number of rooms being built and type of insulation being installed, the cost to insulate your basement can range from $700 to $3,200 per cubic square foot.

Hire Domot Reno Group

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When finishing your basement, it is important to decide what types of rooms or fixtures you want first so you can plan ahead. At Domot Reno Group, we will help you design every room in your basement and let you know all the work and permits that are required before starting any work. We will also advise you on the most cost effective ways to create a beautiful and functional area that you can enjoy for years.

At Domot Reno Group, we offer:

Competitive Pricing

Superior Craftsmanship

Insured and Bonded Work

Warrantied Services

Free Estimates

basement renovations toronto

If you are planning to finish your basement, contact us today. We will help turn your unused space into a beautiful extension of your home.