One step ahead in the renovation process

At Domot Reno Group we offer competitive pricing on all our home renovation and trim carpentry services. From the smallest upgrade to a full home renovation, we offer free estimates, money-saving tips, fair pricing, and insured work by licensed professionals. We will work with you to keep all your renovation costs within your set budget.

We are committed to providing the highest quality work on every renovation and trim carpentry service. We guarantee superior craftsmanship and honest services. All our renovation and carpentry jobs are completed by licensed professionals so you can relax knowing every job is done right. We use only the best materials so you can enjoy your home upgrades for years.

At Domot Reno Group, we do more than just talk about our great services. We have been in the home renovation and trim carpentry industry for over ten years. During that time, we have built a solid reputation for providing the highest quality services. We work closely with every customer to make sure they are completely satisfied.

With over a decade experience as one of the top home renovation and trim carpentry companies in North American, we have built a solid reputation for our superior craftsmanship and professional service. We are a fully bonded and insured construction company that will see your project from A to Z.

At Domot Reno Group, we are a professional North American construction company with over ten years in the home renovation and trim carpentry industry. All our professionals are fully licensed and experienced. We work with only the best contracted professionals so you can be reassured knowing that your renovation job is done by the most skilled and experienced renovation professionals.

No job is too big or too small for us at Domot Reno Group. We work closely with every customer to help them create the room or home of their dreams. We have the experience and know-how to tackle any job and come up with creative solutions to design the perfect room for your home and personal needs.

Ready to begin a home renovation project? If so, you are among countless homeowners in Toronto who are choosing to capitalize on the benefits of renovating their homes. There’s no better way to upgrade your home then to enlist the services of professional home renovators in Toronto.

Why Renovate?

Some common reasons why homeowners choose to renovate their homes are:

  • Accommodating the Specific Needs of Their Families – over time, the dynamics and needs of your family will change. Maybe you are expanding your family and need to customize some areas of your home; or maybe you need to accommodate adult children and the design that was once was a great choice is no longer suitable.
  • Increasing the Value of Their Home – the more improvements you make to your home the more valuable it becomes which is gold if you decide to sell.
  • Energy Efficiency – swapping out windows to install more energy efficient ones, insulating the walls in your basement or replacing a standard toilet in your bathroom for an eco-friendly choice are all examples of how home renovation can save you money in the long run.

Working with a team of professional home renovation contractors in Toronto whose mission is centered on achieving optimal results is critical to the success of your renovation project. Our team of highly-skilled renovation contractors are masters at remodeling and renovating spaces.

A fear some homeowners have when it comes to renovating their homes is the cost. We can assure you that our team will work within your budget to achieve your dream home. We take the hassle out of home renovations in Toronto and make your dreams reality. So whether your renovation project is big or small, we’re the team to hire!

Some of the common areas in a home to renovate are basements, bathrooms and kitchens.

amazing basement home theater - basement design

There was a time when basements were considered gloomy dungeons in a home, useful for just storing things. Today, nothing could be further than the truth. Basements are prized areas in the home that can be transformed into just about anything. One of the best parts of finishing your basement is that you can design it in a way that is functionally and aesthetically beneficial to your family. Not to mention the incredible value added to your home.

It takes a great deal of skill and creativity to bring out the best in a room. As one of the leading basement finishing companies in Toronto, we’ve helped countless homeowners across the GTA discover the value of their basements and would like to do the same for you. The possibilities are truly endless for basement finishing.

  • Basement Apartment – use your basement as a guest suite for out of town guests by transforming it into a self-contained unit, or you can rent it out to tenants to earn some extra income.
  • Home Theatre – turn your basement into the centre of entertainment in your home by incorporating a great sound system and comfortable seating. With the right equipment, you’ll never want to leave home to catch a movie.
  • Spa and Sauna – Why leave home for some much-needed self-care when you can enjoy some R&R right from your home? Install a sauna in your basement and transform it into a private spa for you and your family.
  • Home GYM – Setting up your own gym creates many benefits – from having your own privacy to achieving your fitness goals on your own terms. All you need to do is purchase a few basic pieces of equipment to begin, install appropriate flooring and you’re good to go!
  • Bedroom – Who doesn’t need an extra bedroom in their home? Make use of the space in your basement and turn it into a bedroom one of your family members can enjoy.
  • Family Room – need a spot where family members can gather around and enjoy each other’s company? Basement can be an ideal spot for quality time with loved ones.

Hire basement renovation contractors you can trust.

Does your kitchen need updating? The kitchen is one of the most popular areas in your home. It’s more than just a please you cook meals. Some of the greatest memories your family will make will take place in your kitchen. Whether it is everyone chipping in to help out for a holiday meal or starting the day out over a cup of coffee in the kitchen, kitchens are the centre of many homes.

One of the great things about remodelling your kitchen is that it puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to flex your creativity muscles and personalize your home. In addition, renovating your kitchen is an investment that keeps on giving.

As a central part of your home, a new kitchen can significantly increase the value of your home, which is a huge advantage should you decide to sell.

Do you want:

Modern Kitchen
Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Incredible Countertops
Durable Tiles

You name it, we’ve got it!

Finding the right kitchen contractors in Toronto for your project can be daunting. You need a renovation company that will be just as dedicated to your project as you are. We carry a wide selection of choice kitchen cabinetry and countertops and can make custom cabinets and countertops to match your exceptional taste and style.

We are your Toronto kitchen renovation experts and we know how to make the most of any kitchen space. We believe your kitchen should not only be functional, it should be aesthetically pleasing and accommodate your every need. Look no further, simply book a free consultation with us and we’ll be happy to explore the possibilities with you.

Get prepped for your day in a space that exudes comfort and style by renovating your bathroom! Whether you simply want to update the vanities in your bathroom or install new tiles, there are many things you can do to customize your bathroom to your liking. By incorporating some must-haves and some nice-to-haves, you can completely transform your current bathroom into the one you always dreamed of.

One of the misconceptions about bathrooms is that there is very little that can be done to your bathroom and you are stuck with the current design. This is false. While there are some limitations regarding the placement of fixtures like a toilet or shower, there are many other things you can do with the space to enhance your bathroom.

Whether you want to install a bathtub, remove one altogether and replace it with a standalone shower, or install eco-friendly features, there are many ways to customize your bathroom.

In fact, the only mistake you can make with renovating your bathroom is hiring the wrong contractors. Trust us to get the job done right. Our customers rave about our work and we are pleased to be recognized as one of the most well reputed bathroom renovators in Toronto.

With us, you don’t have to settle for a design that no longer serves you. We’re passionate about creating custom bathrooms for homeowners in Toronto and it shows.

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is a great way to upgrade your home without embarking on a major renovation project. By paying close attention to the fine detail of your home’s interior, you can add substantial value to your home and improve its aesthetic appeal.

Hiring a qualified crown molding installation expert is the first step towards achieving the vision you have for your home and transforming a room from ordinary to extraordinary. In just one day, you can have crown moulding installed and begin to enjoy the brand new look of your home.

Outstanding Crown Moulding in Toronto

For more than 25 years we have installed crown moulding in homes across the GTA. Our installation services are unmatched and highly sought after in the GTA. The advantages of our crown moulding services include:

  1. Same Day Moulding Installation – with our same-day moulding installation option, we can be in and out of your home in no time, leaving you with an intricately designed interior you will love.
  2. MDF Moulding Material – MDF is a high-quality material and is classified as the best material for crown moulding and can last a lifetime if installed correctly.
  3. Cost-Effective – with installation costs beginning at $4.50 per linear foot, you can have crown moulding installed in your home without breaking the bank.
  4. Wide Selection of Crown Moulding Styles – some of the profiles you can expect from our team are symmetrical, Tuscany, Georgian, Milan, Manhattan and many more.
  5. A Wide Variety of Colour and Sizes – we can fit your home with crown moulding that perfectly complements your home.
Waffle Ceiling

Have you ever walked into a room and your eyes were immediately drawn to the ceiling? That’s the power of waffle ceilings.

Waffle ceilings, also referred to as coffered ceilings, are a great way to incorporate fine detail to your home’s interior. This type of feature has become increasingly popular with homeowners in Toronto and installing a coffered ceiling is an excellent way to transform an otherwise dull room into one that is alluring.

Our priority at Domot Reno Group is to provide you with outstanding waffle ceiling installation service that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

We are a leader in waffle ceiling installations. Over the years, our profile as coffered ceiling specialists has risen considerably because we take the time to understand what our clients want, and work diligently to create the desired outcome.

We offer a wide range of coffered ceiling designs and offer a wide selection of options to our customers. Our waffle ceiling installation process is quick and easy without leaving a mess behind for you to clean.

You simply can’t go wrong with installing a waffle ceiling. It is a subtle yet effective way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. While waffle ceilings are nothing new, they have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you are looking for excellent waffle ceiling installation services in the GTA, there is simply no better choice than Domot Reno Group.


Wainscoting is a decorative feature added to an interior wall that adds fine detail and sophistication to a room. With an abundance of breathtaking wainscoting designs to choose from, we can give your home its own unique look in a cost-efficient way.

We offer many of the popular types of modern wainscoting designs and have a wide variety to suit every budget.

Picture Frame Wainscoting – this is our most popular style and is also known as applique wainscoting. Some of the advantages of picture frame wainscoting are:

  • An Elegant and Clean Look
  • Custom Design
  • A Quick and Neat Installation Process
  • Affordable Installation with An Expensive Look

Our picture frame wainscoting application process involves nailing the frames directly to the wall to create a polished and unique look that can be completed in 1 to 3 days.

Panelled wainscoting – this type of wainscoting involves using panels to cover an entire wall. This is the more traditional application process; however, it compliments modern interior design well. One thing to note about panelled wainscoting is that it requires more installation time than picture frame wainscoting because the installation process is more labor-intensive. As a result, panelled wainscoting is more expensive than picture frame wainscoting and typically takes anywhere between 1 to 10 days to complete, depending on the size of the room and other specifications.

Although panelled wainscoting is more involving, we take special care to make sure that your property remains intact after the job is completed. To achieve this, we do a major part of the preparation, like pre-cutting the panels, before we get to your home, removing the need for extensive post-installation cleanup.

Interior Trim

Installing interior trim is an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to your home. It is also functional.

Our interior trim installation services are reliable and professional, and we have received many positive reviews from homeowners in Toronto and the GTA. Our team is knowledgeable on the various trim trends on the market and stays up to speed on the latest developments in the industry. We offer custom interior trim based on your specifications and our designs can upgrade any room.

The types of trim we offer are:

Baseboard Trim

The baseboard is the section on the bottom of the interior wall between the floor and the wall. When they were initially introduced, baseboard trims were a necessary part of the interior wall and protected the bottom part of the wall from the damage.

Over the years, baseboard trim has mostly been used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a home’s interior. Baseboard trims are available in a wide range of designs and are typically 5 to 8 inches in height. However, the height and design is determined by the personal style of the customer.

Door and Window Trim

The door and window trim covers the space between the frame of a door or window and the wall, keeping the frame of the window or door securely in place and adding an attractive element to the interior.

The trim on windows and doors has a smaller width than baseboard trim, but tends to be thicker and are available in various sizes. The type of trim select for your window or door should complement the baseboard trim you have selected.

Interior Door Installation

The doors in your home are intended to last a long time. However, there are times when interior doors need to be replaced. It could be for aesthetic or efficiency reasons. If you are considering installing new doors inside your home, Domot Reno Group is a top-notch interior door installation company that offers affordable interior door installation in Toronto.

Prioritizing the Safety of You and Your Family

One of the benefits of our doors is that we carefully select the material we use to construct our interior doors to ensure that they pose no threat to your health. All of our products are non-toxic. We also prioritize quality and ensure that our doors are efficient and will last a long time. Because we know that every home is unique, we offer a wide variety of interior door designs.

Our team is happy to assist you in selecting the best option for your home and will work with you to ensure you have high-quality interior doors you will love.

Trust us to install the perfect interior doors for your home. We are transparent about our costs and provide a free consultation with no obligation. Interior doors may seem like a very minor feature, but they can make all the difference in your home.

Count on our team at Domot Reno Group to install interior doors in your home you can enjoy for decades to come. Call today to learn more about our services!